Tuesday, February 09, 2010

12 Month Project: Month 1

Having only recently learned of the 12 Month Project from Sara who got the idea from another blogger, I was inspired to follow suit. It's so rare that our entire little family is in a photograph together. Either Nick is taking pictures of the kiddos (once a blue moon, I'm in them) or I am taking pictures of my boys. It's time to take on this challenge of taking a family picture EVERY SINGLE MONTH of this year. Here we go with Month 1, taken at the end of December because sadly, we have ABSOLUTELY no family pics during the month of January:

Lochlan looking like Cindy-Lou Who in his pigtails and Christmas-y pajamas, thus the reason why we were taking this picture. =P

This will be a good project for our family, to make sure that a family picture is taken every month! February's picture post coming up as soon as we take a picture... =)


Jt said...

I love this! We have the same problem, very rare to see a picture of all 4 --- looking forward to your next 11 updates :)

LizNess said...

Found your blog by way of Mel's "We Never Landed in Holland." Love your project: A family pic every month. I'm always surprised how few photos we have of each other together (and I am sooo into illustrating our stories!). I think I'll have to try this project, too -- thanks for the AWESOME idea!

=) Liz

Willow said...

Haha, I love it, awesome picture!, great idea, too!! I somewhat planned something similar, after i do my 365 blog, next, I want to do a 52weeks blog then 12 months.. its some crazy idea i have, i want to be commited to my life,an journey for the next 3 years being more spiritual, and healthier than ever...