Tuesday, February 09, 2010

31 Things I'm Grateful For...

Today, as I turn Twenty-Eleven (ok, 31), it is a time of reflection for me. Another blogger had a birthday 2 days ago and posted a list of things (number corresponds with her age) she is grateful for. I don't mean to be a copycat but I was inspired to do the same.

31 Things I am Grateful For:

1. My husband. Without him, my life would not be what it is. I would not have gourmet meals on a daily basis. Not to mention, it would be impossible to have...

2. two boys! They are my sun and moon and make my world go around (I get dizzy from all the spinning once in a while but that's life). ;)

3. My Mother and Stepfather. They are a constant part of my life and my boys' lives. For that, I am eternally grateful. My boys will KNOW their grandparents unlike my mother and I knew ours. That bond is so special and I hope that I can be there for my own grandchildren as much as my mother and stepfather have for my kids.

4. My best friends in the world: Regan and Christine (AKA Coco). They know me through and through and accept me for who I am, even with my flaws because they see the good through them. They are my rocks and I would not want to be anywhere else but between them which is not a hard place at all.

5. FaceBook. Some people may scrunch up their faces reading this but it's true. Through FaceBook, I've been able to keep in touch with distant family members, friends from high school, people I've met at conferences and many more. Without FaceBook, it would not be possible to know what's happening with them nor would they know what's happening with me. Plus, when I travel out of state, I can get in touch with the people I know who are living in the area and get together with them, even if it's just for coffee. I love meeting up with people and catching up with them. It makes life sweeter. =)

6. Two cups of coffee in the mornings. Caffeinated. Enough said. It helps me plow through the day with certain people under 3 feet tall. ;)

7. Lochlan's handwritten notes. It's mind-blowing to see him form letters that clear and words that make sense. He's not even four and half yet! I'm so proud of him for initiating this all on his own.

8. Kalle's toddling and other cute toddler behavior. He is so, so, SO adorable. Every single day, Nick and I are touched by every cute little thing he does: his cowboy stance toddling, putting my hearing aids to his ear, coloring on paper, finding a box and putting it on his head, walking with said box covering his face without any fear, signing/speaking FOOTBALL whenever he sees a Steelers logo or anything that refers to football, etc. Gosh-darn it, we just want to eat him up in his cuteness!

9. My two full-time jobs, one paid and one not. I am immensely grateful that I am able to bring in income from teaching ASL AND stay home with my children. Never in a million years would I have thought that this was possible. Much less, homeschool them as well! As a result, I know that my bond with my children will be tight.

10. My cozy house. Not to be materialistic but I really do love our home. It's the perfect setting to raise our free-range children...and chickens, soon! They will be arriving early next week!

11. Guacamole. You may as well as call me 'Guac-Girl'. I inhale that stuff.

12. Hulu. Oooh, how I love you so! For those endless nursing session while putting Kalle to bed, I get to watch my favorite TV shows and old movies. With captions, no less! Hulu, you ROCK.

13. Making bagels every week (ok, so I fudged this week but I had a GOOD reason; will get back on track this week, provided that no one gets sick).

14. Lochlan's mad reading skillz. Today, we read "Dick and Jane." Loch blew me away! It had been a while since we looked at that book so for him to pick up the book and remember the words is nothing short of amazing. So proud of my boy.

15. A clean house. Last weekend we had some company and of course, we were in a frenzy to get the house, mainly the first floor, clean and organized. What a nice feeling of accomplishment! Now, if only we could KEEP it that way every single day. It's a bit difficult to do with two kiddos making messes, things piling up on the island, dirty dishes in the sink to be "taken care of later" and all that jazz. Still, I have hope that we will make it a daily habit to tidy up the house.

16. Wine. For those evenings when one needs to unwind.

17. Down comforters.

18. Library books. Catching up on Chris Bohjalian, Beverly Lewis, Barbara Kingsolver, and Maeve Binchy's latest works.

19. Feathered headband. Makes me feel like a new woman!

20. Leggings with mini-skirts. Oh so comfy!

21. Kiwi tea. Thanks to Christine for sending it to me all the way from New Zealand! =)

22. My husky, Mylo. He may be a goofball who takes off the first chance he can get and brings back deer body parts from the woods, ew. At least he sticks around and comes in when he's all tuckered out.

23. My "first" baby, Tilly, a rottweiler/terrier mix. Her love for me is truly unconditional.

24. Friends near and far, both girl and boy friends. Ya'all are AWESOME.

25. The Bartering System. It has given us the ability to share our skills as well as gain from others' skills. All without the complexity of having money involved.

26. Studded tires. A must for this area we live in where sheets of ice are pretty common.

27. Chocolate. It's so versatile and can show up in many forms. Plus, it's delicious.

28. My handmade sheepskin slippers from Ireland. Bought a little over 10 years ago because it was just too beautiful not to buy yet wasn't worn on a daily basis until about 2 years ago. Now the trim is frayed but I cannot imagine replacing them. My toes are warm.

29. Smart wool socks. They have become more and more colorful each year and now make them for babies! Absolutely essential to surviving the long, cold winters here.

30. Videophones. While I don't use this on a regular basis, I am gobsmacked (just love that word) that I can chat with my best friend half a world away as she is traveling. So far we have chatted while she was in Nigeria, New Zealand, and Australia. Amazing.

31. Last but not least, this blog. Yesterday I was searching for a video of Lochlan signing and lost myself reading old posts in the archives. I don't remember some of what I wrote. Thanks to this blog, my children will have stories from their childhood and when I'm senile, I will have this tiny corner of the world to look back on. Thank you for reading and being a part of it all even if I don't post regularly.

Now it's time to sign off...with my favorite Costa Rica saying: Pura Vida! =D


Anonymous said...

Great list! I hope you do it again when you are about 89. :) Btw the truffles are delish! Don't worry, there's still 3 or 4 left for ya. ;) (this is nick, in case it's not obvious!)

Trudy said...

Fantastic, fantastic. 31 is an awesome really does get better every year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Stephanie said...

Great post Keri, I too enjoy reading your blog and I feel that even though we don't see each other I still know what you're up to and vice versa:-). Happy Birthday!

diber said...

Sorry a little belated: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

What a great list!!! I'm thankful for the internet/blogs, b/c otherwise, I wouldn't have met you guys! And you mean a lot to me. To have a Deaf AND an AP friend is like double bonus. :)