Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do you have spare change?

*** ETA below ***

Please consider donating money to one of my best friends, Christine 'Coco' Roschaert's life partner Pratigya Shakya so that he can visit the US/Canada. Originally, Christine had planned to sell one of Pratigya's poster-sized paintings at the Deaf Nation World Expo in Las Vegas but the painting was stolen there. The money from that painting was going to go to Pratigya's flight ticket from Nepal to the US/Canada. My heart breaks for Pratigya to have this happen to him. Thus the reason for this post.

Pratigya is an AMAZING Deaf artist and I am sooo thrilled to have him as our Keynote speaker at UVM for Deaf Awareness Week. An art show will follow as well. The donation button is on this page:

Even just $5 would do a world of good. Skip a Starbucks visit this week for Pratigya, for Christine, and for me. Let us all spread good Karma. After all, good deeds overcome evil deeds. Thank you soooo much! =D

Love and light,

*** Some people may be critical about this type of fund-raising. However, Pratigya's painting was STOLEN, meaning he cannot sell the painting to raise funds for his flight over to the US/Canada. In good spirit, I want to help Pratigya recover this lost income. If you rather not donate, that's fine, it is your choice. You have other options such as requesting commissioned art to be done by Pratigya. I just ask you not to be critical of this process. ***

*** I'm no longer allowing anonymous comments because I feel that it is immature to leave anonymous comments without revealing yourself. If you want to leave a comment, you need to use an actual name. Thank you. ***

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